Predictably Draw & Attract Fresh New Customers Using My Proven 4-Step System

Exceptional Results For Clients Who Entrust Their Marketing To Amin Sadak

My name is Amin Sadak. I am a Digital Marketing Specialist.

At, I offer my years of expertise to drive customers and sales to existing businesses, whether they are online or offline.

Setup or Optimise Your Website

Your website represents your business and you can't afford to make it look 90%. It has to put 100% effort into driving sales for your business.

Not only does your site need to look perfect but the copy used on the sales pages of your site has to be laser targeted towards your ideal customers/clients.

I will work with you to create a message that showcases an irresistible offer thereby setting you apart from your competitors. In effect, you will be the only logical option for what you are offering within your catchment area.

Furthermore, having a suitably designed 'responsive' website will produce more sales. More than half of website traffic comes mobile phone browsers. This type of traffic simply cannot be ignored and your website needs to cater for this type of website visitor.

Captivate Your Ideal Client/Customer

If customers' can't find your website, it's useless. My job is to make your website extremely visible by making sure it's in front of people who are looking for what you are offering.

Even if your website is on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google, it is still invisible to 90% of traffic that needs your service or products.

Using optimisation techniques, I work with partners to propel your website to the top of the search engine results, thereby attracting 90% of people who want and need what you have to offer. This leads to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pounds of extra revenue, simply by being placed at the top of the search rankings.

Facebook is also a great source of revenue for most businesses. I oversee and manage Facebook advertising in a way which targets a precise audience for your products or services. It's imperative that the right message is displayed in front of the right type of people.

With Facebook advertising, my aim would be to achieve a positive return on investment from the amount you spend on ads. This way, you will never lose money.

In addition to regular targeting of potential customers, I also re-target customers who have shown an interest in what you have to offer, and entice them to come back and take up your offer. I get them to call your number so you can close the deal with them.

This type of campaign produces great results for a cheaper price on Facebook.

Keep Track of Money Spent & Source of Revenue

When I have your website being advertised through multiple channels, it's important to keep track of which source is bringing in the most revenue and which sources are less than break-even. With this information, I can determine the best source of leads for your business.

I track these sources via the use of different phone numbers (inbound to your business) or tracking software. Having these key metrics is crucial as it will allow me to optimise your marketing and bring you more customers for less of an ad spend.

Furthermore, testing is a necessary part of the optimisation process where I can figure out what works for your specific business and what doesn't. It will also allow me to reduce costs after optimising the marketing campaign.

I will be sharing all of this data with you, with full accountability of your ad spend. I will start with a small test budget and then scale up when a clear winning source has been identified.

I will continue to collect data and review it with you over the term of our relationship. Thus, I can change and tweak your marketing campaign as necessary every month, as needed. I will never stop holding your marketing budget accountable.

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