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F. Esakji

Tenancy Enforcement Officer

"I had the pleasure of working with Amin and he is a true artist when it comes to convincing someone to take a leap of faith..."

Amin Sadak

High Ticket Sales Closer

Celebrating 20 Years in Sales

Although I've been in sales for the last 20 years, during the last six of these years, I've been making multi-million dollar deals, and more recently, multi-billion dollar deals with potential clients.

I regularly negotiate with heads of large companies and C-Level executives in a collaborative process to close deals.

Working independently (and recently for another company, temporarily), I have been continuously connecting buyer accounts with supplier accounts, taking a fee for my service.

Overall, my entire focus is on business development and sales negotiation. This is where I excel.

I have developed my sales skill to a level where I have created courses and have trained hundreds of sales professionals in  the art of deal-making.

I am adaptable and can fit around most company processes. My job is to produce results by being proactive every step of the way. I manage client/supplier accounts on a CRM and strategically co-ordinate between several parties to get the job done. This involves carefully planning and juggling different processes throughout the phase, while also doing the exact same thing with different accounts at different stages in the supply chain.

I keep track of my expenses and income in order to maintain a positive return on investment with each account. To remain fruitful in this business, I find it necessary to keep a clear head and always think of the bottom line even when I’m in the thick of negotiations and deal management.

The relationships I have created with some major companies allows me to leverage the acquisition of more company accounts. I’m pretty good at developing rapport and closing deals.

If you’re looking for an experienced individual who can work with autonomy and can remain effective while being an asset to the company, please consider what I have to offer.

I would be happy to have a preliminary chat with you to determine if I am a good fit for the company.

Sold B2B

  • Enterprise Level Software
  • Energy
  • Advertising
  • Marketing Services
  • Medical Supplies
  • Industrial Services

Sold B2C

Home Heating Solutions

Windows / Doors

Facias, Soffits and Guttering

Air Conditioning

Sprayfoam Insulation



and more...

Quickly Adaptable to New Products

I have educated myself on other upcoming products.

About Me

I've taken several sales courses and learnt a great deal which has helped me become an 'above-average' closer.

Yet, I switch to a collaborative sales process when the need arises.

I am confident of adapting to your sales process and service fairly quickly.

Call Me: 077 666 5 000 5

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